Aseptic BioCheck Sampling Valves

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 By means of the BioCheck sampling valve, samples can be taken easily and safely out of closed systems like vessels and pipings. When designing this sterile fitting, special emphasis was placed on the aseptic, but also very compact design, so that the integration can be carried out easily and especially free from contamination in both sterile and in CIP/SIP cycles.
BioCheck sampling valves are certified to
  • All housings are also available with only 1 outlet.
  • For all housings welding ends are the standard version, other connections on request.
Materialproduct contact optional not product contact1.4404/AISI316L
SealsPTFE bellows metal bellows O-rings/gasketsPTFE
Temperaturesmaximum PTFE
 operating temperature

sterilisation temperature
 121 °C*

135 °C* short-time (approx. 20 min)
Operating pressureclosing pressure

control air pressure
max. 10 bar
min 6 bar -
max. 10 bar
Surfacesproduct contact

not product contact
Ra <= 0,8 µm
e-polished, other surfaces on request
Ra <=1,6 µm
Connections Standard- pipe classes
DIN 11850-R2 (DIN 11866 A)
O.D.-Tube (DIN 11866 C)


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