Leading the way in fluid technology since 1947

Fittings, equipment & tubing made of stainless steel and special alloys

Senator Henry J. Ehrenberg founded NEUMO in Knittlingen, Germany in 1947. The company with ingenious ideas soon became a leading component supplier to the food processing industry. Today, NEUMO is a technology leader in fittings, assemblies, containers and equipment made of stainless steel and special materials which are used for fluid handling in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, semiconductor and solar industries.

The family-managed company is firmly rooted in the local region and acts as the breeding ground for the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group for a workforce of more than 1,900 worldwide. The main business lines are fluid handling systems, steel tubing wholesale supply and special carbide tools which are marketed under the Vargus brand.

NEUMO – developing products for tomorrow’s markets

When the biosciences really began to take off in the 1970's and the rise of biotechnology appeared to be inevitable, NEUMO made a major strategic decision. The company shifted its focus to sterile products which pharmaceutical makers need for the biotechnology systems which they use to produce new drugs. Introduction of the new strategy was a wise decision. More than 90% of all biopharmaceuticals worldwide are currently produced on lines which have NEUMO sterile fluid handling products installed.

At its production site in Knittlingen, the company concentrates on the development and production of its portfolio for sterile applications, pooling its certified expertise in the fabrication of high-alloy stainless steel, corrosion-resistant duplex steel and nickel-based alloy. The product range includes special tubing grades, couplings and a large selection of elbows, tees, crossers, reducers, etc. as well as accessories and fabrication to drawing. NEUMO is also a prominent OEM manufacturer of pharmaceutical  vessels and fermenters and a major supplier of equipment such as sterile heat exchangers and ozone generators.

Ingenious, unique solutions such as LowVoid and CleanLip technology have made NEUMO a technology leader. Based on this innovative technology, the new sterile tubing couplings marketed under the BioConnect®, ConnectS®, BioControl® and BioControl CS® brands have gone from strength to strength in red biotechnology.


BioConnect®, ConnectS®, BioControl®, BioControl CS®, SCiMax® and MaxPure® are registered trademarks of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group.


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