RIEGER Hygienic Valves

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RIEGER hygienic single seat valves are used, when a maximum level of productivity, safety and quality is requested.

They are found in plants of the dairy industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and biotechnology.

The advanced valve concept, proven a thousand times in daily use, guarantees high flexibility within the individual series. RIEGER hygienic single seat valves guarantee our customers the perfect solution for their troubleshooting with liquid and viscous products

When changing process requirements, our valves can be easily converted, thanks to the modular system:

  • hygienic design to aseptic design

  • Actuator modification

    • air to open/spring closed (NC) to

    • air to close/spring to open (NO) or

    • air/air actuated

The dimensions can be adapted to local conditions as well.


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